Creativity Is My Happy Place

Unblocking My Creativity – One Day at a Time

January and February fueled my soul with creativity making it such a remarkable roll into the new year. It marks a “whole half a’ year” of newlywed wifey life! I invest loads of energy and attention to my goals, little things that others like to call resolutions, I just call them “things that make me happy” or simply, GOALS. One of the many amazing books I read last year was “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin which helped visualize manifesting my own happiness, admire beauty and live mindfully and counting my blessings as they come to fruition.

So far this year I’ve been able to accomplished one of my happy goals, to hand make every birthday card, as I’m accustomed to suck at birthdays and prezzies. Here are a few from January.

Nurturing my creativity allows me to absorb it all with mindfulness, I’ve been blown away by the abundance of mesmerizing colors I’ve been admiring in nature lately, colors so vibrant I feel them through my veins. During my moving meditations, running the beach and listening to my beats, I get taken away to another dimension. Colors no cell phone camera could capture and sounds that generate feelings no one else could ever replicate.

My cousin recently mentioned something about my personality that I’ve never realized that anyone else had even recognized. She thanked me for being such a great role model by always being so loving to everyone and sending positive vibes. I know I’m not the best at accepting compliments, but that is one of the sweetest things anyone’s ever told me. Not a day goes by I don’t think about that, as an artist and my own worst critic, it’s a good ol’ slice of humble pie, that for me, is initially a little hard to swallow. I feel that because I actually love “too much”, to the point I feel it’s become like a fault of mine. Another beautiful disaster. But sometimes that’s what it takes to recognize beauty. Isn’t it?

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