Sew Far So Good

Learning To Sew In My “Spare Time”

Straight out’a the gate crunched my thumb with the presser foot screw. Thought I managed to get the thread take-up lever stuck behind the face cover – when really I just needed to rotate the hand wheel forward. Always forward! Tried to use bobbins that wouldn’t wind, came with my thread kit, not my machine. But really, a little blood, sweat and tears make every new challenge all that much sweeter in the end, doesn’t it?? Nothin’ a little trucker mouth therapy, a few tears of frustration aaaand YouTube can’t solve!

Then my mom showed up and confirmed all my obligatory rookie mistakes! Thanks mom!!

So here we go, the 1st ever Toryn Threads original, bandana bibs

Plays Well With Vinyl

Bob Marley

These Songs of Freedom

Rise Against

Strung Out

D.I. – Death by Stereo – Pour Habit

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